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3D Tour

Adding VR tours to listings makes it easier for potential customers to examine a property without having to take time out of their day to do so offline. AR solutions also help customers get a better sense of how a property would look in real life, making it easier for them to imagine themselves in the space.

Property Management

Real estate agencies utilize customer service platforms to improve their relationship with clients, make it easier for customers to search for listings, and collect data that can be used to make more targeted marketing campaigns. By using a customer service platform, agencies can provide a better experience for their clients and make it easier for potential buyers to find the perfect property.

Data Analytics

Real estate companies need to analyze their competitors and customer behavior to succeed. The best way for them to do this is by using dedicated tools. These tools help estimate a property’s potential and streamline various real estate property management tasks. This way, real estate companies can be sure that they are offering their customers the best possible experience.

Data & Business Intelligence

The switchover to a digital system allows for better management and control over the operations of hospitals, including patient records and information, billing, scheduling appointments and more.