Energy Sector

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The digitalization of energy is transforming the entire energy sector, from power plants to smart grids. This digital transformation is combined with electrification, making it easier than ever before to transition to clean, renewable energy sources.

Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT offers drones and robots to conduct power plant inspections, which reduces the time it takes, increases accuracy and efficiency, and eliminates risks to people. With this technology, it is also possible to do studies and minimize the environmental impact.

AI in Energy Sector

AI provides the ability to identify potential problems in real-time, as well as simple inefficiencies that may not compromise the function of a power plant, but can reduce productivity. Based on this, it is possible to take short- to medium-term actions to resolve these issues and improve performance.

Grids Security

With the shift to Smart Grids that are connected to network, the attack surface increases in terms of grid security. Having state of the art Grid Cyber Security systems is the only way forward to protect and ensure continue supply of energy.

Data & Business Intelligence

The switchover to a digital system allows for better management and control over the operations of hospitals, including patient records and information, billing, scheduling appointments and more.