Automotive Industry

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Technology-driven trends, new customer demands, the internet of things (IoT), and new advances in artificial intelligence support digital transformation (DX) in the automotive industry. This transformation involves product design process, manufacturing, maintenance, operations, and sales & marketing.

Automotive IoT

IoT devices collect vehicle performance data, uploads it to the cloud, and evaluates any chance that the software and/or hardware of a vehicle will malfunction. The driver will receive notice and advice on any repair or service required to prevent injuries or accidents after processing.

AI in Automotive

The automotive industry is extremely data-driven, and the amount of data passed through cameras, sensors, and computers is increasing by the day. Assisted driving is already becoming mainstream, and these technologies will soon expand into automotive products at all price points.

Interactive showrooms

Customers want to make virtual tests before buying a car. Therefore, companies need to set up digital platforms with virtual reality capabilities. A Virtual showroom provides an interactive experience by virtual tests for customers such as hearing sound effects, opening doors, and looking inside.

Data & Business Intelligence

The switchover to a digital system allows for better management and control over the operations of hospitals, including patient records and information, billing, scheduling appointments and more.